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Local & International Charity Work
Michele’s International travels and charitable work have been one of her life’s highlights. She began as an ambassador of the United States when she spent a year aboard in Australia, being a student with the American Field Service Exchange Group. Michele’s love for people helped formulate the many humanitarian projects around the world she implemented. Among her many charitable ventures she raised money to build an orphanage in Egypt. She organized a group to give school supplies to the children in Peru as part of good-will trip. She organized toy drives for the children of Burma, Bali and Egypt. She put dental hygiene kits together for the beautiful people in Burma and raised money to replace a school floor in a small village there. In Tibet, Michele was involve with the monks and learned about the Buddhist religion and their struggle to keep their religion alive.

Michele truly loves giving toys to children. She has stated many times, “We are only children once in our lives and by giving a toy to a child we are nurturing that child’s spirit and imagination.” She goes on to say, “Giving toys to underprivileged children is one of the greatest joys of life.” Michele’s travels have truly opened her heart to a world in need. She really does understand the difference one person can make in the life of many. She has been very fortunate and blessed to have traveled to 35 different countries. The central theme Michele found in parents all over the world is for their children to be healthy and develop a loving heart.